OUR Entrepid Network – Introducing Aaron Bergh, Sarah Kraft and Calwise Spirits



Really Tasty Spirits!

Looking forward to the opening of the new Calwise distillery, tasting space and upstairs specialty bar in Paso Robles, CA., April 2018. Congratulations Aaron and Sarah.

In their own words; source – www.calwisespirits.com.

Locally made Spirits inspired by the Central Coast: Spiced Rum, Blonde Rum & Big Sur Gin

Calwise Spirits Co. was borne out of our love for California and the necessity to provide delicious, locally-made alcohol to all of its inhabitants of drinking age (that, and making booze is a lot of fun). With a taste inspired by the California experience, our spirits are more than just a drink: they’re accompaniment to your lifestyle of adventure, exploration, and unrestrained revelry.

To find out more about Calwise Spirits visit them at www.calwisespirits.com.

Get your paws on some Calwise spirits – www.calwisespirits.com/buy

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Here WE Grow!

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