OUR Entrepid Network – Introducing Gildo ‘G’ Beleski and TRIKKE Tech, Inc.



I recently met Gildo ‘G’ Beleski and TRIKKE Tech, Inc. at the West Coast Crowd Invest Summit in Los Angeles organized another member of OUR Network, Alon Goren.

Buellton, California based Trikke Tech Inc. is the sole manufacturer and USA distributor of the Trikke patented products. Their product line includes light electric vehicles, fitness vehicles and kids carving scooters.

Trikke Tech is the world leader in 3-point cambering vehicles. Since 2000, Trikke has built and sold hundreds of thousands of vehicles around the world. Trikke’s unique “active riding” vehicles offer a blend of fitness, transportation and recreation in one design.

Vehicle built in Buellton basis of theme park planned in China

An idea born in Brazil and built in Buellton could become the center of a Chinese theme park next year.

Construction on the Trikke Sports Park could begin in May outside Guangzhou if the project wins government approval, said Gildo Beleski, inventor of the Trikke and chairman of research and development for Trikke Tech Inc.


To learn more about Trikke visit them at www.trikke.com. And, please share this introduction with your extended social networks.

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