OUR Entrepid Network – Introducing Keshia Kola and Shesaurus.com


Providing Colorful Words for a Colorful World

Keshia Kola and the Shesaurus team really have a way with words – and they’re not holding anything back.

Shesaurus.comDictionary-thesaurus is a reference center that dares to go where no other reference guide has gone before. We take those naughty, unwanted orphaned words and provide a loving home.

We are not etymologists. Etymology is the study of the history of words, their origins, and how their form and meaning have changed over time. Our language has been bastardized so much, it’s hard to keep up, so we don’t bother! You can consider us, lexicographers who major in Neologism; a name for newly coined terms, words, or phrases that may be in the process of entering common use, but has not yet been accepted into our mainstream language. Our business is collecting and cataloging terms related specifically to men and women.

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Here WE Grow!

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Shesaurus is a HUB101 supported company.

HUB101 is a community space created through the efforts of Cal Lutheran University (CLU), the city of Westlake, local business communities, and the CLU Center for Entrepreneurship. The goal of HUB101 is to support students and community members as they work to create new innovations and start entrepreneurial business ventures.

To learn more about the HUB101 go to www.hub101.laand connect with HUB101 Community Manager Greg Monterosa to get on the calendar of events distribution.

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