OUR Entrepid Network – Introducing Kevin Bromber, Benny Estes and myDevices


Quickly Design, Prototype, and Commercialize Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

myDevices, an IoT solutions company, develops end-to-end platforms and applications for the Internet of Things that “Simplify the Connected World.”            

myDevices Cayenne platform is the world’s first drag-and-drop IoT Project Builder, which enables customers to bring their IoT projects from prototype to production. myDevices allow businesses that manufacture, sell and support connected devices and services to efficiently connect products, manage data, and interact with their customers.

myDevices Cayenne Showcased by 14 Partners at Mobile World Congress (Business Wire, February 26, 2017)

myDevices Cayenne – The world’s first drag and drop IoT Project builder (on YouTube)

To find out more about myDevices visit them at www.myDevices.com.

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