#OUREntrepidNetwork – Introducing Kirstie Ennis and the Kirstie Ennis Foundation

Pushing to the limits. Breaking expectations. Giving.

Kirstie served as a door gunner and CH-53 Helicopter Mechanic in the US Marine Corps. When her aircraft crashed during combat operations in Afghanistan 2012 she was critically injured. In addition to the left leg amputation, she sustained full thickness facial trauma, spinal injuries, a traumatic brain injury, and shoulder injuries. After recovery, Kirstie became dedicated to exceeding expectations. She works as a stuntwoman in major motion pictures, a veterans’ advocate, and as an adaptive extreme athlete. In an effort to repurpose herself to continue serving people as she did in the military,

Kirstie established the Kirstie Ennis Foundation to provide education and opportunity in the outdoors and to support other non-profits dedicated to improving the quality of life of individuals and families.

Kirstie adopted extreme sports as a way to inspire men, women, and children, with or without adversity to use more of their potential. In order to raise awareness and fundraise, she has sought out to break several world records — the first being to summit the highest peak on each of the seven continents and the North and South Poles (also known as the grand slam of mountains). Kirstie’s passions for engaging women, veterans, and disabled populations in outdoor recreation and rehabilitation make her an excellent addition to any team.

Kirstie is competitor and finisher in Ironman and marathon races. Kirstie is a spokesperson for the nonprofit organization Building Homes for Heroes, which provides adapted mortgage free homes to critically injured veterans. Kirstie’s passions for engaging women, veterans, and wounded populations in outdoor recreation and rehabilitation make her an excellent addition to this team.

In the News

Going “Full Throttle” – Kirstie Ennis | U.S.VeteransMagazine.com, Feb 2018


USMC Sergeant Kirstie Ennis | Building Homes For Heroes

Veteran and amputee inspires with each death-defying climb | USA TODAY-Oct 3, 2018

To find out more about what they’re up to at the Kirstie Ennis Foundation visit kirstieennisfoundation.com.

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#OUREntrepidNetwork – Introducing Nancy Conrad and the Conrad Foundation

A Transformative Educational Experience

The Conrad Foundation honors the legacy of Apollo 12 astronaut, Pete Conrad, and his four-decade passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. Pete spent 20 years as a U.S. Navy Test Pilot and NASA Astronaut. In November 1969, he became the third man to walk on the Moon. After many years as an aerospace explorer, Pete’s entrepreneurial spirit took flight. He founded four companies devoted to the commercialization of space travel. Unfortunately, Pete’s pursuits were cut short with his passing in 1999.

Nancy Conrad, Pete’s wife, shared his passion for inspiring future explorers, often working hand-in-hand with him prior to his death to launch his numerous commercial space businesses. In his passing, Nancy knew she wanted to keep Pete’s spirit for innovation and entrepreneurship alive, but targeted to the next generation of explorers. Stemming from her experience as a high school teacher, Nancy began the Conrad Foundation in 2008 and launched its flagship program, the Conrad Challenge.

Today, the Conrad Foundation is the only organization of its kind whose programs combine science and technology-based education, innovation and entrepreneurship to inspire solutions for achieving global sustainability.

The Conrad Challenge

There are historically two fundamental ways to think: inside the box and outside of the box. At the Conrad Challenge we don’t believe in this philosophy, we encourage students to enjoy the freedom of thinking like there is no box. Because when it comes to innovation, who needs a box?

The Conrad Challenge is an annual, virtual innovation and entrepreneurial competition that encourages young adults to leave their mark on the world. Each year, teams of 2-5 students, ages 13-18, from around the globe create products and/or services that address some of the most pressing global challenges. Guided by teachers and industry experts, the competition becomes a master class in collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication. As a result, students develop skills needed to thrive in the 21st century workforce and bring to life commercially-viable innovations that have the potential to change life for the better on the individual, national and global levels. All of the Conrad participants own their ideas, and many go on to create companies, license their IP, and use their experience in their college applications.

The Conrad Challenge provides numerous opportunities for involvement from students and teachers, to professionals in industry and academia who serve as judges and subject matter experts, as well as organizations who serve as sponsors and partners.


To find out more about the Conrad Challenge and how you can get involved visit conradchallenge.org.

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#OUREntrepidNetwork – Introducing David Allen, Mike Williams, Mark Wallace and Getting Things Done For Teens

A guidebook to help teens create a fruitful and effective future.

Getting Things Done, or GTD, is a system for getting organized and staying productive. The end goal is learning how to spend less time doing the things you have to do so you have more time for the things you want to do.

Put simply, GTD is a method for organizing your to-dos, priorities, and your schedule in a way that makes them all manageable. One of GTD’s biggest benefits is that it makes it easy to see what you have on your plate and choose what to work on next. It also has a strong emphasis on getting your to-dos out of your head and into a system you can refer to. This clears your mind of any mental distractions that will keep you from working efficiently.

Capture. Clarify. Organize. Reflect. Engage.

Getting Things Done for Teens offers a fresh take on David Allen’s classic by adapting it for the next generation. Framing life as a game to be played, it offers simple methods that teens can use to win.

SHARING GTD WITH KIDS & TEENS (Recorded Podcast) – Coaches Meg Edwards and Mike Williams share strategies, techniques, and insights for engaging kids and teens in GTD. They’ll weave in personal stories from their own experience as parents, and give practical exercises for bringing the power of GTD to young people in your life.

To find out more about GTD for Teens, to purchase a copy of the book, to enjoy the GTD for Teens podcasts collection and lots of other helpful stuff visit www.gtdforteens.com.

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#OUREntrepidNetwork – Introducing Alon Goren, Josef Holm and Crypto Invest Summit – Los Angeles, 22-24 Oct. 2018

Sustainable Investing in Blockchain Technologies

CRYPTO INVEST SUMMIT is an exclusive, curated, high-impact, informative and thought-provoking summit presented by some of the world’s foremost innovators, change makers and prominent leaders in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem.

This is the preeminent crypto conference & Summit focused on sustainable investing in blockchain technologies. An exclusive, curated, engaging, high-impact, informative and thought-provoking event presented by some of the world’s foremost innovators, change makers and prominent leaders in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem.

Come listen to and network with leaders in business and tech helping to grow and influence development of the token-based ecosystem.

Keynotes, Fireside Chats & Panels

Get access to the information that you’ll need to succeed in this new age of investing. Everyone you’ll see on stage at Crypto Invest Summit is an passionate industry-leading professional with an inspiring story .

Blockchain and Tokens are changing the investing landscape forever.

To find out more about what they’re up to and to get your tickets for Crypto Invest Summit visitcryptoinvestsummit.io.

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#OUREntrepidNetwork – Introducing Shari Eskenas and SoundBrake

Hear what you need to hear!

While you’re listening to headphones, you can be totally isolated from the world as you enjoy being immersed in your favorite music, podcast or audio book.

BUT…this means you will miss hearing important outside sounds like:

  • A person trying to get your attention
  • Someone at the door, package delivery
  • At work: announcements, phone calls, coworkers, the boss
  • At home: hearing family members or pets, something happening outside
  • At the airport: announcements in the terminal or on the plane
  • Outdoors: driver alerting you, car honk
  • Unexpected events

Meet SoundBrake 2.0 –

The world’s first device that gives your headphones the power to alert you to outside sounds while you’re immersed in your audio and tuned out from the world.


SoundBrake listens to your surroundings and instantly streams in outside sounds they exceed the background noise level, so you can be aware of sounds like a door knock, phone call, announcement, car honk, or someone trying to get your attention.


SoundBrake adds a layer of safety to outdoor activities such as hiking, bike riding, or running. Don’t miss out on hearing an emergency vehicle siren, an alarm or someone shouting about an impending danger.

Get SoundBrake on Indiegogo!

** Works with wireless headphones using a wireless transmitter module or dock**


To find out more about what they’re up to at Sundae Electronics visitwww.sundaelectronics.com.

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#OUREntrepidNetwork – Introducing Hope Dealer, Tim Ryan and The FEND Movement


Inspiring Change in the Hearts of Addicts and Their Communities

Tim Ryan – Recovering Heroin Addict, A&E’s “Dope Man,” and National Thought Leader on the U.S. Opioid Epidemic

“I want to help people.  I’m sick and tired of burying people. I want to be that guy when someone calls up and says, ‘I need help.’ I’m there. Most of the people I help don’t have any resources,”                                Tim Ryan, TheDoctorsTV.com

In their own words (linkedin.com/in/amaninrecovery, TimRyanSpeaks.com)

Addiction and heroin abuse didn’t make Tim Ryan a better person, but recovery has redeemed his years. Substance abuse of heroin and alcohol stole more than half his life. But he has dedicated every waking minute since walking out of prison to dealing hope to addicts and their families.

Tim Ryan is known as “The Hope Dealer” for his gift of inspiring change in the hearts of addicts—and speaking to the real solutions in the opioid epidemic.

Tim unravels addiction by addressing the entire community. He works tirelessly to build awareness, tools, and lasting change in every group touched by addiction—parents, teachers, administrators, community members, healthcare providers, law enforcers, legislators, and more.

Tim is not just another talking head on the subject. He lost nearly everything to heroin—including his own son. It was in prison that he found recovery—and a passion to help others. Today, he is one of the nation’s most in-demand speakers and experts on the topic of addiction—and a tireless advocate for recovery. As the voice of hope in the opioid epidemic, Tim is a regular subject on national media and was an invited guest to the State of the Union address.

Tim Ryan recently joined forces with the Preventum Initiative and Vans Warped Tour to launch The FEND Movement (Full Energy. No Drugs.) – www.WeAreFEND.org

Tim Ryan Talks FEND Movement, Opioid Addiction, and Helping Others

The FEND Movement (WeAreFEND.org)

Too many people are dying or having their lives destroyed, and it’s time to take a stand – for yourself and for each other. We can’t rely on government, doctors or big pharma to fight the battle for us.

Combining cutting-edge tech, music, and streetwear, FEND is all about empowering you. Knowledge is power after all. The FEND app enables you to take the lead, join forces, andBeat the Opioid Crisis.                                               More than a campaign, FEND is a movement.


In the News

How Former Addict Tim Ryan Helps Others Struggling to Get Clean | theDoctorsTV.com, 31 May 2018

Dope Man – A&E aetv.com, Jul 5, 2017

Heroin, and our denial Tim Ryan TEDxNaperville – YouTube | TEDxNaperville.com, 23 May 2017

To find out more about Tim Ryan and what he’s up to visitTimRyanSpeaks.com.

To learn more about the FEND Movement visit WeAreFEND.org and to keep up with the Vans Warped Tour visit VansWarpedTour.com.

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Tim Ryan Speaks: Linkedin and Facebook.

FEND (Full Energy.No Drugs): FacebookTwitterInstagram andYouTube.

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#OUREntrepidNetwork – Introducing Daniel Alarik and Grunt Style


Unabashed Pride and Patriotism

In their own words (GruntStyle.com)

To us, what you wear is more than just a necessity to be clothed. It’s about attitude! We have taken the American fighting spirit and instilled it in everything we do. You don’t have to be a Veteran to wear Grunt Style, but you do have to love Freedom, Bacon and Whiskey. We provide more than apparel, we instill pride.


With over 400 US Veterans and Patriots, our mission is to deliver the highest quality, most Patriotic apparel on the planet, straight to your front door. Backed by our unbeatable lifetime guarantee, you will always be blown away by our products, our service, and our ability to America!


Yup. Everything. For any reason. Including tears, holes, loose threads, beer stains – even blood stains from defending the American Flag.


In the news

Grunt Style Signs with Richard Petty Motorsports in Multi-Year Deal | ESPN-Sep 16, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Destroyed A Small Texas Town And Grunt Style Is Helping Rebuild It | ConnectingVets.com, Sept 14, 2017

America’s Grittiest Entrepreneur: How An Army Sergeant Created A $100 Million Lifestyle Brand | Forbes-Jul 18, 2017

To find out more about what they’re up to at Grunt Style visitwww.gruntstyle.com.

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You’ve got to try some of their whiskey too – Merica Bourbon

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#OUREntrepidNetwork – Introducing Kate Oliver, Ellen Prasse and The Modern Caravan



Founders Kate Oliver and Ellen Prasse of Austin, TX based The Modern Caravan left their full-time jobs to remodel Airstreams.

In their own words (www.themoderncaravan.com)

What we do.

We offer full design and renovation services for Airstreams and other alternative mobile dwellings, placing emphasis on human connection and relationships, reshaping the concept of home and life. We work hard to embrace imperfection in life while perfecting our craft.

Who we are.

We are a 100% women-owned and run renovation business specializing in full and completely custom renovation services for Airstreams and other timeless caravans. The work, from metal fabrication to delicate linen upholstery, is done with our two sets of hands.

The Name

MODERN: of or relating to the present or recent times as opposed to the remote past.

Our chosen aesthetic. Clean, simple, minimal, but more so, we take something dated, often neglected, worn, and broken and transform it into a functional, current, lovely space.

CARAVAN: a vehicle equipped for living in, typically towed by a car and used for vacations.

While our first love will always be the classic vintage Airstream, we’ve never wanted to limit ourselves. We intially wanted to buy a school bus or vintage motorhome. We’ve toyed with the idea of renovating a van! Moving forward, the sky is the limit as we pursue projects that feed our creative souls and push our physical limitations.

In the news

Airstream Dream Team: These Women Travel the Country, Turning Retro RVs Into Homes | By Zillow and Published by Dwell, 10 October 2017

The Modern Caravan: A Vintage Airstream Transformed | REMODELISTA, Justine Hand, March 31, 2017

To learn more about what they’re up to at The Modern Caravan visit www.themoderncaravan.com

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#OUREntrepidNetwork – Introducing Phil Graves and Patagonia Tin Shed Ventures


Tin Shed Ventures – Investing in the Next Generation of Responsible Business

Director Phil Graves and the Patagonia Tin Shed Ventures really are leading by example.

In their own words (www.tinshedventures.com/about/)

Tin Shed Ventures is Patagonia’s corporate venture capital fund, which invests in start-ups that offer solutions to the environmental crisis. Originally launched as $20 Million and Change in May 2013, Tin Shed Ventures partners with businesses focused on building renewable energy infrastructure, practicing regenerative organic agriculture, conserving water, diverting waste and creating sustainable materials. The Tin Shed name is rooted in Patagonia’s history. In 1957, a young climber named Yvon Chouinard decided to make his own reusable hardware. Using supplies procured from a junkyard, he taught himself how to blacksmith. By 1970, Chouinard Equipment had become the largest supplier of climbing hardware in North America—produced in a tin shed in Ventura, California. But there was a problem. The company’s gear was damaging the rock as popular routes had to endure repeated hammering of steel pitons. So Chouinard decided to phase out of the piton business, even though it comprised 70 percent of the company’s sales at the time. He introduced an alternative: aluminum chocks that could be wedged in the rock and removed by hand, rather than hammered and left behind. The audacious move worked. Within a few months, the new chocks sold faster than they could be made. Patagonia has since expanded from a climbing hardware company into a global outdoor apparel brand with $800 million in sales while maintaining a strict commitment to sustainability in its products and supply chain. Tin Shed Ventures is funding the next generation of responsible business leaders who share these core values.

In the news

Tin Shed Ventures – Investing in the Next Generation of Responsible Business (YouTube)

Patagonia’s venture fund is trying to find the next Patagonia by looking at startups’ supply chains | Quartz Media LLC, 12 April 2017, Michael J. Coren

To learn more about Patagonia Tin Shed Ventures visit www.tinshedventures.com

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#OUREntrepidNetwork – Introducing Ursula Hessenflow, Lora Ivanova and myLAB Box


Safe is Sexy

Founders Ursula Hessenflow and Lora Ivanova and their Los Angeles based myLAD Box team enables users to test for sexually transmitted infections in the privacy of their homes with the same accuracy as in-clinic tests.

In their own words (www.mylabbox.com)

myLAB Box is a first-of-its-kind service that delivers STD screening solutions to your doorstep allowing you to keep private things private. Best of all, you can enjoy FREE physician consultations without setting a foot outside if you ever test positive.

myLAB Box is your personal lab in a box. Our vision is to put the power of preventive care back into the hands of users with innovative at-home tests. The myLAB Box “Safe is Sexy” pilot service, is the first-ever membership empowering users to take control of their sexual health with a comprehensive program of easy and affordable at-home screening solutions. myLAB’s unique business model is carving out new territory in preventive care within the $8+ billion market of costs associated with diagnosing and treating STDs in the U.S. We are positioned to grow into the most comprehensive platform for at-home screenings and a convenient alternative to in-lab testing across a multitude of diseases and health conditions worldwide.

In the news

These Badass Women Are Redefining What It Means To Work In STEM – Lora Ivanova, co-founder of myLAB Box | Bustle, by Erin Kelly, 11 October 2017

Will This Startup Finally Turn Around STD Rates? | Forbes.com, by Emma Johnson, 23 May 2017

To find out more about what they’re up to at myLAB Box visit www.mylabbox.com

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