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Idea Forge uses its community to identify, organize, and collectively move the rapidly evolving startup industry forward. We help organizations find, evaluate, and execute new ideas by working with communities to provide events and resources. Idea Forge was formed by a group of startup practitioners with the mission of advancing the industry through interface, education, data collection and public dialog. Built for the needs of our community, Idea Forge values and uses feedback from our users to assist in deploying new features and improving existing ones.

We help startups establish their unique identity and provide resources to grow their businesses. Through networking and events within the community, startups can find companies, mentors and co-founders.
We give companies a unique opportunity to engage, mentor and potentially partner with startups. It's a great way to propel an industry forward with solutions and leading edge technology.
Supporting startups and local companies help to foster job creation and business opportunities. It simulates economic growth and attracts more developing companies to the area.

We're Just Getting Started

Initial launch was held 2/22/2017 at one of our own Startup Launchpad events and our introduction was well received.

Our community is growing quickly with new users joining daily. Our goal is to have a community in every country by the end of 2017.
Social Media
Innovation needs to be cultivated and shared as fast as possible. We drive traffic to our site through multiple social media channels and also share our sponsor news.
Our newsletter is not just for startups; it goes out to CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, investors, managers, students, city/county officials, marketing, IT, Engineers, HR and other centers of influence.
Master Smiths
A community can't just be online. It needs people who are hands-on in their local area. People who know the industry, help run events, mentor and network. We call them our Master Smiths. See our growing list.
Our signature events are the Startup Launchpads that bring the community together to network. We've made them easy to replicate and any Master Smith can host in their area.

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Together we help accelerate the pace of innovation by strengthening the path for entrepreneurs, providing support for entrepreneurial communities, and helping to grow the worldwide entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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If you'd like to explore other ways you can get involved contact us at team@ideaforge.co