#OUREntrepidNetwork – Introducing Kenton Lee, Because International and The Shoe that Grows


“What if there was a shoe that could adjust and expand—so kids always had a pair of shoes that fit?” | Kenton Lee

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There are over 300 million children who do not have shoes, and countless more with shoes that do not fit. Learn how The Shoe That Grows is working to change that!

Because International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that believes that everyone living in desperate poverty, especially a child, deserves opportunities to succeed. Our mission is to use the positive cycle of innovation to fight the negative cycle of poverty.

Our first product – The Shoe That Grows – has been designed specifically for kids living in poverty. With shoes, kids are healthier, attend school more often, and are more confident. The Shoe That Grows has 5x the impact of ordinary shoes because it expands 5 sizes and lasts for years. Over 100,000 pairs have been distributed in over 90 countries, and with production starting in Ethiopia, we’re not only blessing kids with shoes but people with jobs. We’re committed to making things better by making better things and look forward to releasing our next product soon while also coming alongside local entrepreneurs to help them make their own innovative ideas come to life.

Over 1.5 billion people suffer from soil transmitted diseases worldwide

Without shoes, children are especially vulnerable to soil-transmitted diseases and parasites that can cause illness and even death.

Children who get sick miss school, can’t help their families, and suffer needlessly. And since children’s feet grow so quickly, they often outgrow donated shoes within a year, leaving them once again exposed to illness and disease.

The Shoe That Grows can change all that.

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The Shoe that Grows Hope Around the World | Good Feed, 9.26.2017

To learn more about what they’re up to at Because International and visit www.theshoethatgrows.org.

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