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 wati Mylavarapu and Matt Rogers are the definitive Silicon Valley power couple. Rogers, a cheerful, be-fuzzed technologist, co-founded Nest Labs. Swati, a sharp visionary, was at Square for four years before joining legendary investment firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers as a partner. Now they’re ready for act two. The pair have just launched their new investment platform,… Read More

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Facebook is trying to make the Poke happen again

 Facebook’s “Poke” feature has never really gone away, but now the social network is giving it a more prominent placement – and is even considering expanding the set of casual greeting options to include others, like a wink, wave, high-five or hug. A number of people recently noticed the return of the Poke on Facebook’s mobile app. Though Facebook had never… Read More

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Is Trump a Twitter addict?

 The president of the United States cannot seem to stop tweeting. Despite stern advice from his advisors and opprobrium from the world, not a day goes by that POTUS doesn’t escalate some tension in 280 characters. Each of us can relate to making a social media post we regret later and vowing never to do it again — but few of us do it on such a public scale. But is it addiction? Read More

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Augmented reality treasure hunting app Seek pivots to become a hub for AR projects

 One year after launching at South by Southwest with an augmented reality treasure hunting app, the Utah-based startup Seek has returned with an update transforming its service into a “YouTube for AR”. Rather than being focused on disappearing, site-specific augmented reality experiences, the company now wants to be a hub where developers can post their augmented reality projects… Read More

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Zyper thinks ‘micro influencers’ are the future of online advertising

 Advocacy marketing — the idea of getting existing customers to talk about your company and its products — is nothing new, but as marketing spend has shifted online, a number of startups have tried to figure out ways of making it more scalable. One such company is Zyper, founded by Amber Atherton, who previously featured in British reality TV show “Made in Chelsea”. Read More

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New Altered Carbon trailer thickens the plot for Netflix’s new sci-fi series

 The new trailer for Netflix’s latest science fiction series, Altered Carbon, finally gives viewers a window into the plot for its first season. Like the Richard K. Morgan cyberpunk novel on which it’s based, the first run of shows will focus on solving a murder most foul. In a world where the rich and elite can have their consciousness transferred to other bodies, essentially… Read More

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In spite of digital transformation, 2017 did not yield the desired financial results for GE

 GE is a great example of a traditional company that has recognized the need to transform into a digital organization, but by all measures 2017 has been a tough year for the industrial giant financially. The company stock price has tumbled, and last week it announced that it was laying off 12,000 employees in its power business worldwide. While you can’t attribute all of the… Read More

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#OUREntrepidNetwork – Introducing Todd Connor and Bunker Labs

Empowering our military veterans as leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship

In their own words (


Through local chapters across the U.S., Bunker Labs provides educational programming, access to resources, and a thriving local network to help military veterans and their spouses start and grow businesses.

We work to Inspire, Educate, and Connect veterans with the right resources and people locally to be successful, while also providing national tools and resources like: Launch Lab Online or our Community Mobile App to support aspiring entrepreneurs where ever they may currently live or be stationed.

INSPIRE. Through our online entrepreneurship challenge, the Bunker in a Box offers hundreds of hours of content as well as interviews with military veterans who have successfully transitioned from the military and started their own business. Learn how they did it and start your own journey towards entrepreneurship as well.

EDUCATE. Aspiring entrepreneurs with an idea for a business are invited to participate in the Entrepreneurial Program for Innovation and Collaboration (EPIC) whether through one of our virtual cohorts or in person at one of our chapters. In this program you will learn and apply the practical steps of launching your business from entrepreneurs who have been-there / done-that.

CONNECT. Bunker Labs invites veterans, entrepreneurs, investors, and subject matter experts to join our national community through our monthly Bunker Brews meet ups in each of our chapter cities, as well as through our Muster Across America tour. Whether returning home after active duty, starting a business, exploring new careers, or growing a business—building your network is critical.

To find out more about Bunker Labs, what they’re up to, find local chapters and more, visit

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As the federal government falters, technology is leading a rise of the rest in statehouses nationwide

 The tech revolution is no longer confined to Silicon Valley or the California statehouse.
Earlier this week, Steve Case announced that his Rise of the Rest seed fund, designed to invest in innovation in the Mid West and other areas traditionally overlooked by investors, had raised $150 million with commitments from tech executives including Jeff Bezos and Eric Schmidt. We are, as Peter… Read More

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The Flying Eye and you and I

 It’s refreshing, in this difficult time, when technology and the tech industry seem trapped in a quicksand of endless ethical compromises and disconcerting emergent properties, to come across something tech-related of which one can say, awed, without complications or caveats: holy shit this is amazing. Which happened to me today! Let me share it with you. The Flying Eye Hospital,… Read More

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