#OUREntrepidNetwork – Introducing David Allen, Mike Williams, Mark Wallace and Getting Things Done For Teens

A guidebook to help teens create a fruitful and effective future.

Getting Things Done, or GTD, is a system for getting organized and staying productive. The end goal is learning how to spend less time doing the things you have to do so you have more time for the things you want to do.

Put simply, GTD is a method for organizing your to-dos, priorities, and your schedule in a way that makes them all manageable. One of GTD’s biggest benefits is that it makes it easy to see what you have on your plate and choose what to work on next. It also has a strong emphasis on getting your to-dos out of your head and into a system you can refer to. This clears your mind of any mental distractions that will keep you from working efficiently.

Capture. Clarify. Organize. Reflect. Engage.

Getting Things Done for Teens offers a fresh take on David Allen’s classic by adapting it for the next generation. Framing life as a game to be played, it offers simple methods that teens can use to win.

SHARING GTD WITH KIDS & TEENS (Recorded Podcast) – Coaches Meg Edwards and Mike Williams share strategies, techniques, and insights for engaging kids and teens in GTD. They’ll weave in personal stories from their own experience as parents, and give practical exercises for bringing the power of GTD to young people in your life.

To find out more about GTD for Teens, to purchase a copy of the book, to enjoy the GTD for Teens podcasts collection and lots of other helpful stuff visit www.gtdforteens.com.

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OUR Entrepid Network – Introducing Aaron Bergh, Sarah Kraft and Calwise Spirits



Really Tasty Spirits!

Looking forward to the opening of the new Calwise distillery, tasting space and upstairs specialty bar in Paso Robles, CA., April 2018. Congratulations Aaron and Sarah.

In their own words; source – www.calwisespirits.com.

Locally made Spirits inspired by the Central Coast: Spiced Rum, Blonde Rum & Big Sur Gin

Calwise Spirits Co. was borne out of our love for California and the necessity to provide delicious, locally-made alcohol to all of its inhabitants of drinking age (that, and making booze is a lot of fun). With a taste inspired by the California experience, our spirits are more than just a drink: they’re accompaniment to your lifestyle of adventure, exploration, and unrestrained revelry.

To find out more about Calwise Spirits visit them at www.calwisespirits.com.

Get your paws on some Calwise spirits – www.calwisespirits.com/buy

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Calivore Spirits is a SLO HotHouse supported company.

The SLO HotHouse is a community space created through the efforts of Cal Poly, the city and county of San Luis Obispo, the business community, and the Cal Poly Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE). The goal of the SLO HotHouse is to support students and community members as they work to create new innovations and start entrepreneurial business ventures.

To learn more about the SLO HotHouse go to www.slohothouse.com.

Past and present SLO HotHouse sponsored companies include:

Reduce.Reuse.Grow.Current SolutionsBoltAboutMantisWhiteFox Drone Defense Technologies, FarmBotHIGEAgatherologieSPECTRVMMojaGearInPressTechnologiesZ Living SystemsBOTTLEFLYFavorLiftGator, Caliwise Spirits, FLUME and ObserVR.

OUR Entrepid Network – Introducing Luke Bayard and the Cult of Startup podcast


Podcast Host, Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, Techstars Startup Weekend Facilitator, Techie

For Luke Bayard, entrepreneurship, the idea that “this is something I created and it means something to me,” captivated him at a young age. And like many entrepreneurs, the idea of choosing your own agenda and defining your own rules further defined his path. Today he runs the multimedia brand Cult Of Startup, to help inspire entrepreneurs, startup founders and anyone who is looking to go into business for themselves.

On Cult of Startup, Luke invites his guests to share the stories the intimate stories of their startup experience – the trials, failures and rewards. In each episode Luke seeks to discover the entrepreneur’s motivation and the details of their journey. Luke says that ‘this hour long conversation will feel like you’re hanging with your startup buddies’. The format is spontaneous, entertaining and informative.

The Cult of Startup’s notable guests include the 8th employee of Amazon, multiple Forbes 30 Under 30 Recipients and a YouTube producer with over a billion views.

The Cult of Startup podcasts include:

Scaling the Largest Online Retailer with the 8th Employee of Amazon, Cal Poly Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Director, Todd Nelson

To learn more about The Cult of Startup and to see the full list of Podcasts, visit  http://cultofstartup.libsyn.comiTunes or Stitcher.

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OUR Entrepid Network – Introducing Mary Maranville and Student’s for Eco-Education and Agriculture (SeeAG.org)


Opening Eyes to Agriculture

Mary Maranville founded Students for Eco-Education and Agriculture (SEEAG) in 2008. Even with California’s rich agricultural heritage, children don’t make the connection between the acres of farmland around them to the food on their tables. This education program helps make that connection; providing kids with field trips to local farms brings the message home even further. (source – http://www.seeag.org/about/)

The mission of SEEAG is to increase the understanding of the food journey from field to consumption and to connect school children to farmland and gardens in their own backyard. This program is teaching kids why they need to care about plants, gardens and agriculture and is inspiring the next generation to become future agricultural managers and stewards of the land. (source – www.linkedin.com/company-beta/3710497/)

SEEAG also leads a STEM Careers in Agriculture program that targets junior high and high school students. Its Ventura County Farm Day is a community event in which over 20 Ventura County farms open their doors to the public.

In the news

Mary Maranville on Agriculture Education for Children

Mary Maranville included in PacBizTimes list of Top 50 Women in Business; March 24th, 2017

To learn more about SEEAG visit them at www.seeag.org

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OUR Entrepid Network – Introducing Craig Ulliott, Katy Lynch and Codeverse


The world’s best coding studio for kids

In their own words; Source – www.codeverse.com/mission/

We won’t stop until we teach a billion kids to code

At Codeverse®, we believe that every kid should be set up for success early by equipping them with the right tools and resources they need to thrive in their ever-changing, technologically-advanced world. Coding teaches important life skills beyond the computer screen. It encourages creativity, instills confidence, and promotes critical thinking and problem solving. Our mission to teach a billion kids to code – turning today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders.

Source – www.linkedin.com/company-beta/10702273/

Codeverse® is the world’s first fully interactive coding school and educational tech platform that teaches kids to code.

Codeverse® is built with amazing and intuitive tools to make learning code approachable and fun, and most of all, rewarding. The self-guided curriculum is designed for learners as young as 6 and introduces all the foundations of computer programming while incorporating common core subjects including art, history, science, and math.

In the news:

World’s First Fully Interactive Coding Studio For Kids, Codeverse, Launches In Chicago; source-CHICAGO, April 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/

To learn more about Chicago based Codeverse visit them at www.codeverse.com.

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OUR Entrepid Network – Introducing Chris Cochran and ReFED



In their own words; source – www.refed.com/about.

ReFED is a collaboration of over thirty business, nonprofit, foundation and government leaders committed to reducing United States food waste in the United States. ReFED seeks to unlock new philanthropic and investment capital, along with technology, business and policy innovation, to achieve this goal, which will catalyze tens of thousands of new jobs, recover billions of meals annually for the hungry, and reduce national water use and greenhouse gas emissions. ReFED was formed in early 2015 to create a Roadmap to Reduce U.S. Food Waste, the first ever national economic study and action plan driven by a multi-stakeholder group committed to tackling food waste at scale. Recently, a number of initiatives have raised awareness of the magnitude of the problem. The Roadmap is designed to fill the gap between awareness and action, by creating transparency in the waste flows, costs and opportunities of a more efficient food system achieved by preventing, recovering, and recycling food waste. The Roadmap is the result of a collaborative stakeholder process, including input and support from ReFED members and over 80 additional industry experts.

In the news.

ReFED Names Chris Cochran as its First Executive Director; source – www.Waste360.com, Waste360 Staff | Mar 10, 2017

7 EXCITING FINDINGS FROM REFED’S FOOD WASTE REPORTsource – www.sustainableamerica.org/blog/, March 14, 2016 by Amy Leibrock

To learn more about ReFED visit them at www.refed.com

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OUR Entrepid Network – Introducing Arlin Krigel and MegaMatter


Next-Generation Flame Retardant Technology

In their own words; source – www.megamatter.com.

MegaMatter, Inc. is a nationally recognized, award-winning chemical company located in San Luis Obispo, California. We’re developing a new generation of high-performance, non-toxic flame retardants—allowing manufacturers to exceed even the most stringent regulatory, technical, and market requirements.

We offer a wide variety of services, from fire testing to joint-development and supply agreements. As flame retardant experts, we recognize every polymer is unique, with different material properties, processing parameters, cost requirements, and regulatory demands. Collaborative in nature, we work closely with our customers to ensure a smooth transition from lab to production. For samples, questions, or a complimentary consultation, please contact us today to see how we can work together.

To learn more about MegaMatter visit them at www.megamatter.com

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OUR Entrepid Network – Introducing Eric Ellestad and Local Roots Farms


Improving global health by building a better food system. Eat fresh. Eat clean. Eat local. 


In their own words; source – www.localrootsfarms.com

Local Roots Family

At Local Roots, we design, build and operate the world’s most productive indoor farming solutions. We believe the key to a more sustainable future requires eliminating supply-chain risks and undoing the commoditization of the food industry. That’s why our Local Roots Family is building a distributed network of cutting-edge farms throughout the world to grow the freshest, healthiest produce possible.

Food Safety

Food should heal you, not make you sick. That’s why we are dedicated to safe growing and packaging processes. At the end of every plant’s journey is a person. We make sure they are safe, happy and healthy—all the way to your fork.

• Certified Primus GFS • Certified Non-GMO • Certified Organic


The TerraFarm’s controlled environment allows the very best care for our crops 24/7. Produce grown outdoors can be vulnerable to weather patterns and climate change. The TerraFarm is weather, climate and planet agnostic. The TerraFarm solution is perfect for on-planet & off-planet food production.


In the news:

Local Roots showcases traveling indoor farm; on www.freshplaza.com, published 3/14/17

To learn more about Local Roots Farms visit them at www.localrootsfarms.com.

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OUR Entrepid Network – Introducing Scott Fulbright, Steve Albers and Living Ink Technologies


Introducing the Future of Ink.

In their own words; source – www.livinginktechnologies.com

Scott and Steve met when they were PhD students in the Cell and Molecular Biology Program at Colorado State University. They were both researching algae projects related to biofuels and bioproducts. In late 2013, it was brought to their attention that the majority of printing ink used in the world are produced from toxic petroleum products. This inspired them to use algae as biopigments for the world’s most sustainable ink.

Introducing the future of ink. We have developed two types of algae ink:

1. SAVING THE WORLD ink. Sustainable algae derived ink that is 100% plant-based, renewable and biodegradable. The majority of the ink is algae, grown in our lab, turned into ink, applied to paper. Just like regular petroleum ink, but without the petroleum.

2. FUN SCIENCE ink. The world’s first time-lapse ink that allows you to write, sketch, draw, or paint your story over time. The magic happens when the ink literally grows when exposed to light.

Is algae the ink of the future? | Scott Fulbright | TEDxMileHighAug. 22, 2016

Living Ink with a $225K investment through a Small Business Innovation Research grant; Dec. 14, 2016

To learn more about Living Ink Technologies visit them at www.livinginktechnologies.com

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OUR Entrepid Network – Introducing Kyle Parsons and IndoSole


Soles with Soul – Preventing Tires from Polluting the Environment

In their own words: source – https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/3581852/

The idea for Indosole was conceived on a surf trip to Bali, Indonesia in 2004. A couple of young Californians were struck by the environmental issues faced by Indonesians, and inspired by an unusual pair of sandals they found there. By combining these two things, they created a unique solution to the problem of pollution in Indonesia in the form of a product that was both fashionable and functional.

RE-PURPOSE: With “Re-purposed” products, Indosole offers the most organic, toxic free and environmentally sustainable production process. There is no melting down, off gassing, or reforming of any material—just strong hands and minds.

RE-IMAGINE: “Repurposing” is an art of transformation. We learned this from our commitment to the local Balinese crafts people, the wise and resourceful artisans who taught us that waste could be reimagined, transformed into something purposeful. Through our strong relationship, we have saved thousands of tires from overflowing and overcrowded Indonesian landfills. And the thing is, we’ve only started to get our hands dirty. The more tires we save means a lower production of tire-derived fuel on the island, less landfills; and also, more shoes, more ideas, and an altogether healthier way of living.

RE-BIRTH: To enhance every aspect of your life, Indosole uses only locally sourced and animal free materials during its transformation of waste into fashionable and functional items. It is our dream to provide you with footwear that not only eliminates waste, but also, can give it a new life. Please join us on our quest to save 1 million waste tires from Indonesian landfills.

To learn more about IndoSole visit them at  www.indosole.com

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