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The Innovation House for Wheelchair Technology

In their own words. Source: www.intelliwheels.net


Pushing a standard manual wheelchair can be tough, but with the IntelliWheels Easy Push, pushing instantly becomes twice as easy. The IntelliWheels Easy Push uses simple gears in each wheel to make it significantly easier to push forwards, backwards, around corners, and over any surface.

Intelliwheels: Why not gears for a wheelchair?

VentureWell, March 24, 2015, https://venturewell.org/intelliwheels-why-not-gears-for-a-wheelchair/

“If a two-wheeled bicycle can have gears to ease the effort, he thought, why not a wheelchair? The company that would come to be known as Intelliwheels was born.”

“Today, Intelliwheels is on a roll, so to speak, flush with cash and working towards their goal of becoming a marketable medical device. In August, Intelliwheels was awarded a $1.5 million Stage 2 SBIR grant from NIH and the company has hired two additional engineers.”

To learn more about Champaign, IL. based IntelliWheels visit them at www.intelliwheels.net.

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