#OUREntrepidNetwork – Introducing Nancy Conrad and the Conrad Foundation

A Transformative Educational Experience

The Conrad Foundation honors the legacy of Apollo 12 astronaut, Pete Conrad, and his four-decade passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. Pete spent 20 years as a U.S. Navy Test Pilot and NASA Astronaut. In November 1969, he became the third man to walk on the Moon. After many years as an aerospace explorer, Pete’s entrepreneurial spirit took flight. He founded four companies devoted to the commercialization of space travel. Unfortunately, Pete’s pursuits were cut short with his passing in 1999.

Nancy Conrad, Pete’s wife, shared his passion for inspiring future explorers, often working hand-in-hand with him prior to his death to launch his numerous commercial space businesses. In his passing, Nancy knew she wanted to keep Pete’s spirit for innovation and entrepreneurship alive, but targeted to the next generation of explorers. Stemming from her experience as a high school teacher, Nancy began the Conrad Foundation in 2008 and launched its flagship program, the Conrad Challenge.

Today, the Conrad Foundation is the only organization of its kind whose programs combine science and technology-based education, innovation and entrepreneurship to inspire solutions for achieving global sustainability.

The Conrad Challenge

There are historically two fundamental ways to think: inside the box and outside of the box. At the Conrad Challenge we don’t believe in this philosophy, we encourage students to enjoy the freedom of thinking like there is no box. Because when it comes to innovation, who needs a box?

The Conrad Challenge is an annual, virtual innovation and entrepreneurial competition that encourages young adults to leave their mark on the world. Each year, teams of 2-5 students, ages 13-18, from around the globe create products and/or services that address some of the most pressing global challenges. Guided by teachers and industry experts, the competition becomes a master class in collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication. As a result, students develop skills needed to thrive in the 21st century workforce and bring to life commercially-viable innovations that have the potential to change life for the better on the individual, national and global levels. All of the Conrad participants own their ideas, and many go on to create companies, license their IP, and use their experience in their college applications.

The Conrad Challenge provides numerous opportunities for involvement from students and teachers, to professionals in industry and academia who serve as judges and subject matter experts, as well as organizations who serve as sponsors and partners.


To find out more about the Conrad Challenge and how you can get involved visit conradchallenge.org.

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